Upcycled Carbon Fiber - Tiffany Blue - 5.75" x 9" x .28"

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About the Product

Upcycled Carbon Fiber

Our Upcycled Carbon Fiber composite sheets are extremely light weight, corrosive resistant, dimensionally stable, and offer a high strength/stiffness to weight ratios. This material comes primarily from upcycled carbon fiber, broken down, windmills and bicycles and is truly unique in both its' story and look.

Key Features of this Product:

  • Properties ideal for cutting, drilling, milling, grinding and finish sanding
  • Infused with Aerospace Grade Epoxy Resin
  • Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber
  • Aesthetic and symmetrical layup throughout
  • Resistant to water, oils, greases, cleaning agents and weak acids.

    Lead Times and Shipping:

    We will always try to keep our core products in stock and ready to ship. In the off chance, we are out of stock of an item lead time is typically 3 - 5 business days to manufacture. In stock items typically ship next business day.